Beginner’s Guide for Lords Mobile Game

A lords mobile is a kind of game as like as more than hundreds of video games available in these days for game lovers. And, similar to other games, you can also play this on your smartphones. Are you new to lords mobile game? Don’t know how to play this game? Then, exactly this is the right place for you to know about this mobile game. This beginner’s guide for lords mobile game helps you to start and play the game.

Beginner’s guide for lords mobile game:

A lords mobile game is about making your own kingdom and fights against with enemies. And, you can also able to build castle and buildings. In addition to that, you also need to create an army. To create an army, you need to attempt a big battle. And, you need to play to explore new lands and expand your kingdom.

As like as you, there are other kingdoms also in the game, so you can fight with other kingdomnand explore new lands. So, you have to choose the right character and fight with enemies. However, this lords mobile game requires an internet connection to play and you will get the following features in this game.

Ø Different buildings
Ø Legendary heroes
Ø Huge armies
Ø Fight other players

Hero’s guide:
When starting to play this game, you have to choose a hero for you, because hero plays an important role in the gameplay. In order to get a hero for you, you need to complete the Herostage. And, heroes help you to complete the level and to gain more heroes. At the same time, you have to play Herostage on each time to gain a lot of rewards for the hero and to unlock new hero.

Once you completed the Herostage, and then you need to move on to the turf and to turn turf for you, simply tap on the Yellow X, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Managing hero:

Once you have gained a lot of heroes, then you have to manage them. Keep continue to read this section to know how to manage your heroes.nThere is a hero tab in the screen where you will get everything that you need to manage your heroes. In addition that, there are 3 tabs in the hero menu that including the following items and also allows you to make use those things for your heroes.

Choose any helmet to give an individual icon for your heroes.

In order to fight with enemies, your heroes needed some equipment, so get equipment from this tab. Based on the hero’s play, he will get some kind of tool.

Type of hero:
Each hero has his own type, so you can check the type of hero in the hero tab.

Hero skills:
Before starting to play with the hero, you need to find out skill of hero, so that you can able to make use heroes for right battle based on their skills.

Other attributes:
Prior to using hero, it is very important to know about the background and other attributes of all heroes you have.
These are the basics that you need to know start playing of lords mobile game.

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